Local publications

Local area family information directory 2018 - Each directory includes details of a wide range of services, groups and organisations in the local area that we hope will be of interest to families. It is anticipated that professionals working with parents, carers and children will also find these sources of information useful.

icon Child Protection Inter-Agency Guidelines 2017 [2Mb] - These guidelines have been produced to inform and support practitioners from all agencies in relation to child protection. They promote inter-agency practice at all times.

icon Child Protection Information and Advice Card [179Kb]

icon Guidance for Working with Hostile and Non-Engaging Parents and Carers [100Kb] - This guidance has been produced by Perth and Kinross Child Protection Committee to assist all practitioners and managers working with hostile and/or non-engaging parents and carers, especially when there are child care and/or protection concerns.

icon Perth & Kinross Young Carers Strategy 2015 - 2018 [5Mb] - Helping Young Carers to be Children First.

icon Practitioner’s Guide: Child Protection Case Conferences (refreshed January 2017) [202Kb] - A Guide for all practitioners and managers which explains Child Protection Case Conferences, their purpose, function and key responsibilities.

icon Practitioners Guide to Information Sharing, Confidentiality and Consent in Child Protection [1Mb] - This document provides practitioners with comprehensive information, advice and guidance on information sharing, confidentiality and consent. An intelligent linked index allows readers to find the answers to key questions quickly. The document allows practitioners easy navigation and access to very useful checklists, flowcharts, electronic links and downloads.

icon Practitioners Guide to Information Sharing, Confidentiality and Consent in Child Protection Aide Memoire [716Kb] - This Aide Memoire should be read in conjunction with the full guide above.

icon Perth and Kinross Code of Practice: Information Sharing, Confidentiality and Consent (Refreshed and Published 17 January 2019) [613Kb]

icon Perth & Kinross - Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Directory of Support Services [1Mb] - A Perth and Kinross Directory of national and local services and agencies which can provide help and support to victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

icon Supporting Children and Young People at Risk of Self Harm and Suicide [2Mb] - The principal aim of this guidance is to provide support for individuals and professionals supporting young people who are either self-harming or at risk of self-harm or suicide.

icon Tayside Plan for Children, Young People and Families 2017 - 2020 [11Mb] - The Plan focuses on reducing inequalities and improving outcomes for all of Tayside's children. It sets out the joint vision and priorities of three local unitary authorities, NHS Tayside and other local and national partners. It is informed by the views and responses from children and families gathered by the Dartington Social Research Unit.

icon Tayside Child's Plan Template [422Kb] - Word template of the Tayside Child/Young Person's Plan for use by practitioners.

icon Tayside Practitioners Guide - Chronologies [469Kb] - Tayside Practitioner's Guide: Chronologies (2015) which provides clear practice guidance on Chronologies for all practitioners working with children and families.

icon Transfer of Files - Agreed Principles [22Kb] - The purpose of this report is to suggest shared principles for the transfer of children's records across authorities in Scotland.