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Gritting and snow clearing self-help schemes

Farmers self-help scheme for snow clearing

Under this scheme we supply farmers with a snow plough for their tractors and in return the farmer agrees to clear snow from an agreed section of the local public roads network. In addition the farmer can use the plough for snow clearing work on their own private roads.

Farmers can also agree to be called in to assist with snow clearing work on other sections of the local roads network during snow events and will be paid for this additional work.

Public self-help scheme for footway gritting

Under this scheme we supply members of the public with a push along hand gritter and rock salt and they carry out gritting to an agreed length of the public footway network. Applications are assessed to determine if this type of self-help resource is required in the area where the applicant lives and gritting equipment provided where this resource will be most effective. There is a limit to the number of had gritting units that are available so it is necessary to assess applications on a need based basis.

The operation of both of the above self-help schemes is intended to provide additional resilience in snow clearing and gritting until such times as Council resources are available to treat these sections of our carriageway and footway network.

Any enquiries in relation to either of the two self-help schemes should be made by telephoning our customer services team on 01738 476476.