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Perth and Kinross Offer - British Sign Language (BSL) transcript

We are changing the way we work with communities, citizens and businesses. We believe that involving people in the decisions that affect them leads to better results and improved lives. We want everyone in Perth and Kinross to have the best opportunities, feel supported and be encouraged to flourish and live life well.

The Perth and Kinross offer will set out how we work together with our citizens, communities and businesses to design the future we want and need. We want to keep improving our services, communities and area.  To do this, we need everyone to get involved, creating new opportunities, thinking differently and taking action to improve. Everyone benefits - communities grow stronger together, businesses flourish and we attract more visitors. 

It requires a change in the traditional relationship between public services, citizens, businesses, investors and visitors. We need to work differently, agreeing joint priorities and designing the future we want, together. We also need to agree how we best use our budgets and resources to maximum impact and ensuring communities have services where and when they need them.

To make sure we get our offer right, we know we need your help.  We want to hear about what matters to you.  This means talking (and listening!) to different groups, communities, representatives and of course, individuals.  We want to make sure that you are getting the right public services at the right time.  We also want you to get more involved in your own community - help out by doing things like volunteering in your community, keeping your area neat and tidy and using our online services where possible.

We are hoping to get along to one of your meetings or events soon.  We want to hear how you think we can best work with you moving into the future and what matters to you in terms of our services.  In the meantime, you can get involved and tell us what you think by emailing or by phone on 01738 477997 (BSL users can contact us via contactSCOTLAND-BSL).