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Pupil Progress Records (PPRs)

School records

The Pupil's Educational Records (Scotland) Regulations 2003 gives parents, or people with parental responsibility, the right to see their child's educational record. These records are called Pupil Progress Records, or PPRs.

If you would like to exercise your right to see your child's PPR you should contact your child's school directly. View contact details for all Perth and Kinross Council schools.

Requests should usually be made by email or in writing, but other recorded formats can be accepted if necessary. The school may ask you to provide them with proof of your identity.

Schools have 15 school days to respond to your request.  There is never any cost to view your child's records; the Council usually waives the charge it is entitled to make for providing a copy if this is required.

Please ask if you need the information requested to be provided in an alternative language or format eg braille.

Occasionally, a school record may contain information - such as information about another pupil - which must be removed before you are provided with it.

If you wish to request information about other records relating to your child, such as social work records, you should submit a Subject Access Request. If you're unsure about what kind of  request you should submit, please contact the Council's Information Governance team on 01738 477933 or at for advice.

Access to information - Parents and pupils

The Pupils' Educational Records (Scotland) Regulations 2003 require the Authority to give a parent access to information relating to school pupils, past and present, held by them.

  • The regulations cover information which originated from a teacher or other employee of the education authority, the pupil to whom the information relates or a parent of that pupil.
  • The regulations only cover information relating to the school education of the pupil.
  • The request must be in writing (or other permanent format for future reference purposes eg email/tape recording).
  • The parent seeking access must provide the Authority with sufficient information to satisfy the authority of his/her identity and to enable the Authority to locate the information requested.*
  • The Authority must comply with a request within 15 school days of receiving a validated request. (A validated request means that the information requested at *(see above) has been provided.

This is only a brief outline of the basic legal provisions. The regulations contain further detailed rules. They also provide for certain exemptions from the right of access to information.

Pupils can also make a request to see their educational records. Requests to see educational records should be made directly to the relevant school.

Data protection legislation means that you can request other personal information, not contained in an educational record, by submitting a Subject Access Request.

If a child is over 12 and is considered to have capacity, you will be required to provide a signed mandate from them authorising you to act on their behalf. You will usually be required to provide proof of your identity (and your child's if they are required to provide a signed mandate) before your request can be processed.

Subject Access Requests should be submitted to the Council's Information Governance Team at 2 High Street, Perth, PH1 5PH or to, 01738 477933.