Find out changes to our services and advice in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Building a better Perth and Kinross

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way everyone lives and works

Perth & Kinross Council's Recovery and Renewal Strategy aims to help communities and the Council recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

It intends to develop a stronger economy, make Perth and Kinross a more sustainable and prosperous place to live while taking lessons learned from the response to the pandemic to improve our services and the way we deliver them.

The strategy will use the Perth and Kinross Offer to help build an even better Perth and Kinross for our communities and residents, creating a Council that is more flexible and responsive to the needs of communities.

The strategy will be underpinned by "4 Es":

  • Economy and entrepreneurship
    • Business and Economy Recovery - Investment, Employment and Location
  • Equalities, Empowerment and Fairness
    • Care for People - Diversity, Perceptions, Commitment and Rurality
    • Community Engagement - Communities, Partnership
  • Education and learning
    • Environment and Infrastructure - Attainment, Investment, Collaboration, Strengthening Families
  • Environment

The strategy has cross-party support and councillors will set the strategic direction for recovery through the Member Officer Working Group.

We want to build better relationships with our communities so we can provide the services they want.

The challenges posed by COVID-19 are immense but by being ambitious and adaptable we aim to minimise the effects of the virus and create a fairer and more sustainable economy for all our residents.

To do this we will consider Perth and Kinross before the pandemic struck and how it will look in the future and how we will need to respond to those changes to build a better council for all.