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Perth and Kinross Offer


Perth & Kinross Council would like to change the way we serve our residents and taxpayers.

The Offer aims to enable everyone in Perth and Kinross to play their part in making this a great place to live, work and visit.  Watch how individuals, communities and businesses are working together to make Perth and Kinross a fairer, better place for all.

We want to hear about the issues that matter to people, what we do well, what we could do more of and what things could we stop. We also want to know what we can open up to our communities, charities, volunteers and businesses to do instead, with support where required.

This work had already started before the pandemic, but the response to it has proved that we can do things differently and introduce change quickly when necessary. It has also highlighted the talent within our communities with a real willingness to help and a wealth of local knowledge and community connections. We believe "everyone has something to offer" in their neighbourhoods, local areas and communities and are calling this the Perth & Kinross Offer.

In doing all of this, we need to remember that 'one size does not fit all': what is appropriate in the city centre may not be appropriate in our small towns, and what is appropriate in our small towns may not be appropriate in our rural villages and outlying areas. So we want to make sure that when we are designing our services, we listen carefully to our residents and businesses who use those services and who pay for them—involving people in decisions that affect them will lead to making better decisions and getting better results, and will help us all to make Perth and Kinross an even better place to live and work.

We want the Perth and Kinross Offer to have:

  • A clear approach where we have better relationships with communities and work together for the same things
  • Shared action plans informed by everyone involved
  • Flexibility in how we provide our services which is centred around the people receiving them
  • Ambition and a bold vision that everyone in Perth and Kinross can live life well.

You told us in our recent engagement survey:

  • "Listening to what matters and believing everyone in our community has something to Offer"
  • "Everyone has the same opportunities in life and focus on areas of specific need"
  • "Including everyone in coming up with ways to do things, and bringing everyone's skills, time and money together to make the most of them."
  • "Treating everyone with kindness, compassion, respect and dignity" 
  • "Find ways to make things happen, do the right thing, and learn from both our successes and our mistakes so that we are always getting better"

This is what the Perth & Kinross Offer is, and now we need your ideas and suggestions to help us deliver it. Get in touch with us at, because we know that you have something to Offer.