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Universal Free School Meals

At the Council meeting on 23 June 2021, it was agreed that part of meal production arrangements for primary school meals will move to Tay Cuisine.

The main driver for this change is to increase the Council's capacity to meet the additional number of meals required to support the Scottish Government's programme to expand Free School Meals provision to all primary pupils, starting with the roll out and addition of Primary 4 from August 2021.

The main change is that our production kitchens and dining centres will now have the main meal element provided on a cook fresh/freeze basis by Tay Cuisine. Vegetables/salads etc will still be cooked on site; there will be no change to the quality of meals being delivered, pupils' dining experience or the dining service provided by Tayside Contracts.

This model has already been successfully introduced in Dundee and Angus and Tay Cuisine provides meals to primary schools in the Dundee City and Angus Council areas.

There are a number of benefits from this approach including reduced energy consumption, reduced food miles in terms of meal transportation, improved meal quality for the 33 existing dining centres and maintaining food quality at the 35 production kitchens that will move over to the cook fresh/ freeze model.

There will be no change to service users, the support provided by Tayside Contracts staff, nor in the meal service delivered in Secondary schools.

Any parents/carers who would like further information about this or school meals in general should please contact the ECS Catering Support team at:

Last modified on 14 January 2022

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