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Adult learning hub - Short courses - Employability

This free short course offers employability skills development.  It can help improve your knowledge and understanding of working environments and develop the skills that are needed to gain new employment and be effective in the workplace.


  • Recognise the skills and qualities that are important in the workplace
  • Identify the things you are good at that are valued by employers
  • Understand what is expected of people when they are at work
  • Decide what you need to work on and improve
  • Think about what you are going to do next
  • Practice your CV writing and interview skills


Classes will be held face to face and/or online.


Classes will usually be on a set day every week, but the frequency and time can be adjusted to your needs and circumstances.


Complete our Adult Learning enquiry form (

You will be allocated a staff member who will support you through the course either individually or in a small group. Examples of tasks might include:

  • Prepare a CV or application form and present it in a suitable format
  • Prepare a list of questions you are likely to be asked at interview
Last modified on 02 May 2024

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