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Enrolling a child from overseas at a Perth and Kinross School

We are keen that all children coming to live in the UK long-term are enrolled in school as quickly as possible. 

Enrolment for all children is based on residence within the catchment area of the school. 

Families from overseas may be present in the UK under different visa arrangements. Some visas do not permit access to state education provided by a local education authority. For example, some short-term visitor visas have a condition that precludes access to education. 

Please be aware that entry to the UK is a decision for the UK Government.  It is the parent's responsibility to check if they have a right to reside in the UK and access school education before applying for a school place.  You can access information about immigration and visas on the UK Government Website using the link below:  

Visas and immigration - GOV.UK ( 

You are advised to check whether your visa allows you to access public or state education before enrolling in a school.

All parents and children from overseas must provide the required documentation to show that they are resident in the catchment area of the school they wish to enrol in.  Our School Enrolment page provides more information.

Should you wish for your child to attend a school outside your local catchment area a Placing Request application can be submitted for consideration. It should be noted that where a successful placing request is made, you, as a parent/carer must accept full responsibility for the arrangement and cost of transport to and from the school. 

Last modified on 12 December 2023

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