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World War One sources

Find which collections in the Archive contain information about WW1, particularly about life on the home front.

Friends' volunteers have searched through all the collections in the Archive to pinpoint which of them hold material relating to WW1. The database lists this information and will help you to find resources for your research into the civilian experience.

Please note: Very few individuals are listed in this database.

How to search the database:

  • Simply browse through the pages and if you see a collection that might contain the information you are after, click on the blue record number. This will bring up the record which shows what kind of information is held in the collection.
  • You can use a free-text search to find records. For example, searching with soldier will also bring up records containing 'soldiers'. Type your word in the collection keyword box and click search.
  • Searching by year only will find records that include your date as well as the specific year.
  • To narrow your search you can also combine a free-text and year search.
  • To look at each record, click the blue record number. You can return to your hit list to look through other records by clicking back to summary page.
  • Make a note of the record's reference number and bring it along to the Archive so you can look at the original documents.
  • Before you start a new search, be sure to click the reset button.

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Search Results

Record Collection Title Date

1 David Gorrie & Son, Boilermakers and Coppersmiths, 1894-1955 7 June 1916
2 David Gorrie & Son, Boilermakers & Coppersmiths 1894-1895 26 October 1916
3 Miscellaneous deposits c1917-1918
4 Miscellaneous deposits 21 May 1917
5 Miscellaneous deposits c1916
6 Miscellaneous Deposits 1918
7 Miscellaneous deposits 1918
8 Miscellaneous deposits 1918
9 Miscellaneous deposits 1917
10 Miscellaneous deposits 1919
11 Burrelton and Woodside Literary Society 1913-1920
12 Papers of Major-General Sir William Rycroft 1915-1923
13 Perth Typographical Society 1908-1923
14 Perth Trades and Labour Council 1912-1920
15 Perth Branch, Bakers and Allied Workers 1897-1935