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Walks and paths to explore

Within Perth and Kinross there are lots of signposted paths, many of which connect communities and are signed from villages or towns.

Charity booklet - Walking the PKC Core Paths

During the Covid-19 pandemic a number of walking routes on PKC core paths were collected by local author, Tom Lennox.  These have been gathered together in a Walking the PKC Core Paths booklet (PDF) [8MB] which has been made available for downloading.  The booklet is dedicated to "all those who lost their lives to Covid-19 and to all those who worked so hard to keep us all safe and well."  Although not obligatory, the author asks that a donation be made for downloaded copies, to the Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust to help develop, improve and conserve core paths throughout the area. 

Walkers using this guide are responsible for their own safety.


Please remember to take extra care when out in the countryside during lambing season, especially if you're walking with a dog.  Pregnant ewes are easily distressed, so keep well back and keep dogs under close control whenever there are livestock about.  For further guidance please visit Outdoor Access - Dog Walking (opens new window)

Fire Risk

During periods of prolonged dry weather the risk of wild fires increases.  Please do not use barbeques or light fires in the countryside and remove and dispose of all cigarette ends carefully.

Paths Groups

Paths Groups work to keep open and improve paths in many areas. In 2018, we published the Community Path Group Development Guide which aims to support appropriate and effective community led action for paths and contains guidance, information contact details and links to further information.

Last modified on 06 March 2023

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