Letter of comfort

A Letter of Comfort is a letter issued by the Council which states that action will not be taken in respect of building works which have been carried out. It applies only to situations where:- a) work was undertaken prior to 1 May 2005 without a building warrant, where one was required or b) work was undertaken with a building warrant that was applied for prior to 1 May 2005 but for which no certificate of completion has been issued.

A Letter of Comfort, will confirm that the works undertaken comply with the relevant standards and/or no enforcement action will take place.

For work carried out/ applied for after 1 May 2005 you are required to apply for a Completion Certificate Without Warrant.

    Apply for a Letter of Comfort

    Complete an icon Letter of Comfort Application for submission [63Kb] and submit together with the fee to: Building Standards, The Environment Service, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth PH1 5GD

    Cost to submit a Letter of Comfort

    • Where no Building Warrant was obtained  - £350.00
    • Where a Building Warrant was obtained but no certificate of completion issued  - £180.00

     What happens when I have made my application?

    1. We will check the application for completeness, then if satisfactory it will be registered.
    2. We will contact you to arrange an inspection of the work. We endeavour to inspect within 10 working days but this can vary - so don't leave your application until the last minute.
    3. We will carry out a non-disruptive inspection of the work you list in the application form.
    4. We will inform you if any remedial work is required giving you up to 3 months to finish the work.
    5. We will issue the letter within 5 working days following satisfactory inspection.

    Advisory Notes

    • You may be required to undertake remedial works if defects are discovered.
    • In certain circumstances we may be obliged to take enforcement action if we consider there is a risk to health or safety.
    • Where remedial work is required, you must contact us when the work is complete to arrange a re-visit.
    • You will be charged an additional fee if we are required to make more than one re-visit. (details are on application form).


    Building Standards

    Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD
    Tel 01738 475300