Commercial Permit

This Permit is for any businesses who use Recycling Centres to dispose of paper, cardboard, cans, or plastics. It is also for businesses who dispose or any chargeable materials either at a participating Recycling Centre, or at Friarton Weighbridge.

How do I apply for/renew a Commercial Permit?

Apply for/renew a Recycling Centre Permit

Recycling of paper, card, glass bottles & jars, cans, plastics, timber and scrap metal

Commercial Permits are free of charge, and awarded following successful application. If you wish to apply for Commercial Permit, you will be asked to demonstrate how your business is disposing of their waste, for example, but providing a copy of your Waste Transfer Note. In addition, you will be required to provide your Waste Carriers Licence which can be obtained through SEPA. We cannot issue a Permit if your business is not a registered waste carrier. Once both documents have been produced, a permit will be generated and sent out. If your business has multiple vehicles who use the Recycling Centres, then a Permit will be required for each vehicle.

Disposal of general, garden or inert waste

If you currently dispose of chargeable materials such as garden, inert or non-recyclable (general) waste, then you will now be required to pay in advance to dispose of these at Recycling Centres. If you use the Friarton Weighbridge, you will still be able to make payment in cash, or on account. Customers disposing of chargeable waste and recycling are still required to apply for a free Commercial Permit to ensure their business is registered as a waste carrier. 

Once a Commercial Permit has been awarded, you will be able to buy pre-paid vouchers for each waste stream required, or use the Weighbridge at Friarton. You can purchase pre-paid vouchers over the phone on 01738 476476, online by emailing us or come in to Pullar House reception. There is no minimum order, and a full breakdown of costs are shown in the tables below. Please note, prices are valid up to 31 March 2019.

To use the pre-paid voucher, simply present to the Site Attendant on duty who will let you dispose of the correct materials. The Site Attendants have the right to refuse entry if the conditions of the vouchers are not met. In addition, vouchers are only valid for the materials described. Any mixed loads of waste will be treated as non-recyclable (general) waste, are will be charged as such. 

Friarton Weighbridge Pricing (inc VAT) - 2018/19

General (non-recyclable) Waste£138.00 per tonne
Garden Waste£46.10 per tonne
Inert Waste£24.00 per tonne
Timber£5.40 per tonne

Participating Recycling Centres - Pre-Paid Voucher Prices (inc VAT) - 2018/19

General WasteCategory 1 - Light Van£34.50
General WasteCategory 2 - Panel Van or Small Trailer (up to 1/2 tonne)£69.00
General WasteCategory 3 - Large Trailer (over 1/2 tonne)£138.00


Garden WasteCategory 1 - Light Van£11.50
Garden WasteCategory 2 - Panel Van or Small Trailer (up to 1/2 tonne)£23.00
Garden WasteCategory 3 - Large Trailer (over 1/2 tonne)£46.10


TimberCategory 1 - Light Van£1.35
TimberCategory 2 - Panel Van or Small Trailer (up to 1/2 tonne)£2.70
TimberCategory 3 - Large Trailer (over 1/2 tonne)£5.40


Inert WasteUp to a maximum of 3.5 tonnes£24.00

What business waste/recycling can I take to my local Recycling Centre?

Download, print or view icon the list of Recycling Centres open for business use [113Kb]. Please note that holders of Domestic Exemption Permits can visit any Recycling Centre to dispose of their waste and recycling. For a full list of what can be recycled at each site by householders, please visit our Recycling Centre pages.

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