Local housing strategy

The Local Housing Strategy (LHS) sets out Perth & Kinross Council's priorities and plans for the delivery of housing and related services for the period 2016-2021. The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 places a legal requirement on local authorities to produce a Local Housing Strategy which should be kept under regular review.

We recently carried out a public consultation on our draft LHS for 2016-2021, and comments received will be considered before a final strategy is drafted. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Investment priority themes

Our four strategic priorities for 2016-2021 are:

  • Supply of Housing and Sustainable Communities
    The supply of more affordable homes and well-managed stock to ensure that homes are available in the size, type and location people want to live in with access to suitable services and facilities.
  • Housing and Homelessness
    Ensuring communities are safe and secure for residents of Perth and Kinross with access to good quality, affordable accommodation with the necessary support in place to sustain people in their homes and prevent people becoming homeless.
  • Independent Living
    Ensuring people can live independently at home for as long as possible with help from the community and local support networks.
  • House Condition, Fuel Poverty and Climate Change
    Assisting residents of Perth and Kinross to live in warm, dry, energy efficient and low carbon homes which they can afford to heat.

Local House Condition Survey (LHCS) 2014/15

David Adamson and Partners Ltd was commissioned by Perth and Kinross Council to complete aicon Local House Condition Survey (LHCS) 2014/15 [3Mb] in the Council area. The study has embraced an all tenure housing stock of just over 70,000 dwellings, supporting the Council's strategic planning agendas including the Local Housing Strategy, the Scottish Housing Quality Standard Delivery Plan and Section 72 Private Sector Housing Statement.

Related strategies and policies

The following strategies and policies form appendixes to the Local Housing Strategy:

Scheme of assistance

icon The Scheme of Assistance [191Kb] sets out the different forms of assistance that Perth and Kinross Council may provide in relation to repairs, maintenance, improvements and adaptations to privately owned and privately rented properties. The forms of assistance that may be available are broadly categorised as information, advice, practical assistance and financial assistance. This statement also outlines the circumstances in which the different forms of assistance may be made available.

Fuel Poverty Statement

The icon Perth and Kinross Fuel Poverty Statement [968Kb] has been developed in partnership between the Council, the Community Health Partnership and SCARF (Save Cash and Reduce Fuel). It sets out how we will assist fuel poor households in Perth and Kinross to lower their domestic fuel costs. Home Energy Advice Team also provides free and impartial advice to local residents on a range of energy efficiency and fuel debt issues. More information is available in the icon Home Energy Guide 2015/16 [7Mb].

Housing Needs and Demand Assessment

The Perth & Kinross Council icon Housing Needs and Demand Assessment Executive Summary [128Kb] provides updated estimates of need and demand for housing for the local area. In particular this estimates the need for affordable housing - such as housing available to rent from the Council and housing associations, and low cost houses for sale.

Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP)

All local authorities are required to supplement their LHS with a icon Strategic Housing Investment Plan [358Kb], which shows how the affordable housing investment priorities detailed in the main body of the LHS (and in subsequent updates) will be delivered in practice.

External Wall Insulation Project Statement of Intent

The icon Statement of Intent (SoI) [147Kb] sets out the criteria that Perth and Kinross Council intends to use to identify households that would benefit from energy efficiency improvements under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Flexible Eligibility Scheme.