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Drains and spillages

Help and advice on the maintenance of road gullies in the public roads network. Find information here on how to report a blockage to gully or report a road spillage.

Drainage - help and advice

Surface water is normally drained off roads by gullies and grips.

Gullies are usually connected by pipe work to a carrier drain which carries the water to an outfall or soakaway where the water disperses. Sometimes in urban areas, the gullies will be connected to the foul sewer, which is maintained by Scottish Water.

In rural areas, drainage is often by grips (or offsets) which discharge the water into ditches or onto the surrounding ground.

We cannot guarantee to keep the road network free from puddles. The effects of age, settlement or traffic can cause depressions to form in the road surface, preventing the water from running off. Exceptional rainfall, runoff from adjacent land, and rising river levels can cause roads to flood even when the drainage is in good working order.

Gully cleaning and maintenance

We regularly clean out carriageway gullies that collect the water from the road, and arrange special visits by gully tankers to respond to sudden blockages. Gullies are cleaned out Biennial, with reactive cleansing more often in problem (Flood Risk) areas.

Road drainage problems are identified by the regular inspections of the network, by calls to Clarence, or as a result of reports from the public, and appropriate action is taken to deal with the problems that are identified. Sometimes flooding is caused by burst water mains, and Scottish Water is responsible for repairing these.

Reporting a problem with a gully

For enquiries or to report a problem with a gully (e.g. blockages) or if you have dropped something (e.g. keys) accidentally into the gully contact us by telephone on 0800 232323.

Roads spillages

Spillages on roads can be a nuisance.  In some cases mud and spillage on the public road are hazardous and can cause traffic accidents. Where this has happened, details should be passed to us so that we can investigate. For enquiries or to report a spillage contact us by telephone on 0800 232323.

Report a road spillage

You can report a road spillage online or telephone CLARENCE on 0800 232323 with the location of the spillage. If you see the person, or vehicle, responsible for the spillage please try to give a description or vehicle registration number. Please note that we do not have a duty to sweep or clear up spillage on private roads or other areas, such as office car parks or garage sites.

Last modified on 07 February 2023

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