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Report an obstruction

It is an offence to obstruct the public road, including footways, core paths and rights of way. This includes keeping pavements clear for use by people who are disabled.

People wanting to do something that will obstruct a road or pavement (for example using a skip or erecting scaffolding) must apply for a permit.

Core paths, countryside paths and rights of way

To report obstructions to core paths, countryside paths and rights of way, please use our make a general enquiry online form. 

Road or pavement

If the road or pavement is being obstructed by a dangerously parked vehicle, please report the vehicle to the police.

For other obstructions, complete our report an issue on a road or street online form or contact CLARENCE (Customer Lighting and Roads Enquiry Centre) on 0800 23 23 23.

Examples of obstruction

  • a skip or scaffolding is obstructing the pavement
  • no barriers around streetworks/roadworks and building work is affecting pedestrian safety
  • building materials are blocking the pavement
  • an advertising board is blocking the pavement
  • banners or bunting is causing an obstruction
  • someone has deliberately blocked a path by erecting a fence
  • on some routes padlocking a gate can constitute an obstruction

Roads and pavements can become obstructed by overgrown hedges or trees, which are the responsibility of the owner to cut back.

There needs to be a 2.4 metres vertical clearance above the surface of the footway.

Vegetation should be kept clear of streetlights. It is fine if the vegetation is above the streetlight.

Last modified on 09 February 2024

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