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Report a road or street lighting fault

The Council is responsible for looking after all public roads in Perth and Kinross except for motorways and trunk roads. We take the safety of the public very seriously, and greatly value alerts from citizens about potential problems or dangers.

Emergency faults

Those of an immediate danger or hazard - phone 01738 476476.

Non emergency faults

Report a road fault online

Report a street lighting fault online

Alternatively, call CLARENCE (Customer Lighting and Roads Enquiry Centre) on 0800 23 23 23 or email:

For sewage related issues on public roads or footpaths, contact Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778.

Faults can include:

  • Potholes and damaged footways
  • Blocked drains and flooding
  • Fallen trees, overhanging branches and overgrown hedges
  • Winter maintenance enquiries
  • Traffic lights or pedestrian crossing out of order
  • Broken and faulty street lights
  • Other road defects

Prioritising maintenance

The Council maintains the roads according to a policy for inspection and repair that reflects national best practice and which has been approved by the Council.

Budgets for road maintenance are very restricted and as such not all desirable works can be carried out. It is necessary to prioritise works in the interest of public safety and to restrict future deterioration. As such it may be some time before requested works can be carried out.

Roads and pavements are inspected, defects are identified, and a repair made in accordance with the risk posed to the public.

Reporting potholes - what you need to know

As the weather starts to improve after the snow in February 2021, we will turn our attention towards repairing potholes in our roads. You will start to see more potholes in roads at winter due to the weather. In technical terms, water gets into cracks in the road, then when it freezes the road expands. So as the weather thaws, the road surface collapses and causes potholes. You can imagine that in Scotland, having potholes is a common occurrence.

There are two ways of fixing potholes - the first is to make them safe and the second is to permanently fix them. Unfortunately, our weather over the past few weeks will mean that more potholes have appeared and fixes tend to be temporary, before even more potholes arrive.

During the past few months, all of our pothole repairers have been driving gritters and keeping main roads clear of snow and ice. This means we now have a backlog on repairs. To date, we have identified 1696 potholes since 1 January 2021 and have repaired 329 of them, mainly due to the weather. However, we have 2500km of roads to check and are continually working on this, bringing in more workers in to help over the next few months.

Please help us by only reporting potholes that are likely to cause a serious accident. We do have a record of most potholes and are out inspecting roads all the time to ensure we are picking these up.

If you do report a pothole, we ask for your patience in terms of the repair process which can take up to 30 days. We are also sorry that we cannot give you an individual response to every report. We are overwhelmed with reports and can often spend time processing these rather than fixing the potholes themselves.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we get the necessary repair work underway following the snow and ice of the last few weeks.

Surface dressing

Surface dressing is one of the ways we maintain our roads.  The road is sealed to prevent water seeping in, improves surface texture and prolongs the life of the road by many years.

Find out more about icon Surface dressing [88Kb], the process, how we notify you of work and what to expect during the works.