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Eco-Schools Scotland

Over 98% of Council schools are part of Eco-Schools Scotland, involving around 750,000 pupils, which makes Eco-Schools an invaluable opportunity to promote enduring mass behavioural change amongst young people.

Keep Scotland Beautiful the independent environmental charity administrates Scotland's Eco Schools program.

Keep Scotland Beautiful is Scotland's leading provider of sustainable development education initiatives in schools, encouraging action and behavioural change by young people which will leave an enduring legacy for Scotland; it is part of our work to help make Scotland clean and green, today and tomorrow.

A key characteristic of Eco-Schools Scotland is the way in which it can be linked to every area of the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), Scotland's national curriculum for 3-18 year olds.

How can my school or nursery get involved in the program?

The Eco-Schools Scotland programme is made up of Seven Elements and Ten Topics.  Once a school has registered on the programme and implemented the Seven Elements and its choice of three of the Ten Topics, it can apply for an Eco-Schools Award. 

There are three levels of award. The first two levels of award are the Bronze and Silver Awards. The top level of award is the Green Flag award, which must be renewed every two years.

There are four steps to participation in the Eco-Schools programme:

  1. Register your school
  2. Implement the Seven Elements
  3. Take action on three of the Ten Topics (don't forget 'litter' is a compulsory topic!)
  4. Apply for an Award