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Register a birth

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Now the baby has finally arrived, here are some guidelines to help you through the process of registering your child's birth.

When and where should your baby's birth be registered?

You have until your baby is 21 days old to register the birth; please contact us to make an appointment.  If the birth took place within Scotland, you can register at any Registration Office in Scotland.

Who should register the birth?

If parents are married to each other:

  • Either the father or mother can register the birth.

If parents are not married to each other:

  • The mother should register the birth herself, or
  • If the father's name is to be entered in the register, both the father and mother should attend for the registration.  (should there be circumstances where both parents cannot attend together, please contact the Registrar for advice).

A woman who is not married to, or in a civil partnership with the mother can only register the birth and be named in the register as parent if the provisions of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 apply to them and:

  • She jointly signs the register with the mother;
  • She and the mother sign declarations that she is the parent (contact your local registration office for the forms); or
  • A court declares that she is the parent and the mother registers the birth.

Information on who has parental responsibilities and rights for a child is available in the Scottish Government publication Family matters: family law and young people in Scotland on the Scottish Government website.

Only in exceptional circumstances is it possible for another relative to register the birth. You should contact the Registrar in advance for advice.

Documents to be produced when registering the birth

  • The birth card issued by the hospital, giving the child's date and time of birth;
  • The parents' marriage certificate (if married to each other)

If using the Tell Us Once service (a service that notifies relevant central and local government departments of the birth)

  • National Insurance number/s for the person/s to be named on the birth registrar
  • Details of any benefits the person/s to be named on the birth register are receiving/have applied for

Documents issued by the registrar at the time of registration

  • An Abbreviated Birth Certificate is issued free of charge at the time of registration, which shows your child's name, date and place of birth.
  • Form EC58, containing your child's National Health Service Number, which should be submitted to your family doctor.
  • A full Birth Certificate, containing details of parentage, can be purchased for a statutory fee; £10.00 at time of registration or within one month, £15.00 after this (unless an Abbreviated or full certificate is produced at time of purchase). Please be advised - in order to obtain a passport, a full Birth Certificate is required.

Financial assistance

You may be entitled to financial help towards the cost of having a baby or bringing up a child.

Perth & Kinross Council has a dedicated Welfare Rights Team that provides a universal, free, confidential and impartial welfare rights advice and representation service to the residents of Perth & Kinross. The Team has online information which includes Benefits for parents, children and young people.