Find out changes to our services and advice in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Late and non payment

Payments are normally due on the 15th of each month from May to February each financial year in accordance with the schedule contained in your most recent bill. For closed accounts and bills issued in the last quarter of the financial year a single payment will be requested.

Difficulty in making payment

Please contact us if you anticipate difficulty in making payment.

We appreciate that these are exceptionally difficult times for many businesses; if you experience or anticipate difficulty in making payment please contact us to discuss the matter.

This will allow us to ensure that you are receiving all the support we can offer through various Non-Domestic Rates Relief schemes and may allow payment to be deferred or alternative repayment arrangements made for you.

Changes to recovery from 1st April 2021

With effect from 1st April 2021, the Local Authority does not have to wait until 30th September before commencing any recovery action and the rules concerning the use of a Final Notice have been changed.

If instalments are not up to date

From 1st April 2021, we may send you a reminder notice if you miss any instalment or don't pay the full amount due.  You must bring your payments up to date within 14 days.  You can then carry on paying by instalments as usual.

A maximum of two such reminders will be issued to you.

If you do not bring instalments up to date or if there is a third missed payment, the amount you owe for the rest of the year will then be due immediately and we will apply for a Summary Warrant

Summary Warrant

Should you fail to pay as detailed above or agree an alternative payment arrangement, any unpaid arrears are recoverable by Summary Warrant proceedings, meaning that Perth & Kinross Council will apply to Perth Sheriff Court to grant a Summary Warrant against you. This does not require a Court hearing.

The granting of a Summary Warrant results in a penalty being applied to your account which is 10% of the balance outstanding at the time the Summary Warrant is granted.  You will then be issued with a Notice of Summary Warrant which will give you 7 days to make payment in full, including the 10% penalty.

Again, we would urge you to contact our office to discuss settlement if you are unable to pay the sum due in full.

Failure to make payment in full will result in your account being passed to Messrs Stirling Park, Sheriff Officer  for collection and this may incur additional fees that you will be liable to pay.