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Core Paths Plan - Background history

How was the Core Paths Plan produced?

The Core Paths Plan was produced through extensive public consultation often with local Paths Groups playing a key role in their communities. Early local draft core paths plans were created at community level for consultation.  These informed  a Council Core Path Proposal document which was published in January 2008 and widely advertised for consultation. All objections were taken into account and informed the Draft Core Paths Plan which was published for statutory public consultation from 30 September to 31 December 2008.

Objections & local inquiry

Written responses requesting changes to the Draft Core Paths Plan (objections) were received during the statutory consultation. All objectors received a written statement from the Council (28 August 2009) summarising the objection and Council position in relation to the objection and asking objectors to consider withdrawing their objection.

As there were unresolved objections to the Draft Core Paths Plan, Scottish Ministers ordered a local inquiry.

The Directorate  for Planning & Environmental Appeals (DPEA) conducted the Local Inquiry into outstanding objections and possible modifications to the Draft Core Paths Plan before preparing a report and recommendations for the Scottish Government.

Inquiry report & recommendations

Scottish Ministers directed Perth and Kinross Council to the adopt the Core Paths Plan with modifications in line with the recommendations in the Inquiry Report.  The Inquiry Report can be viewed at DPEA - Case Details - CPP-7.

Partnership working to deliver paths

The Council is currently working with local communities and partners such as the Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust to sign and improve core paths across Perth & Kinross.

In some areas Paths Groups exist and were closely involved with developing the Plan and paths in their communities.  Some have set up their own web sites to promote their work!
In many areas wider interest community groups have developed thinking on how best to ensure their communities benefit from a good path network and have action plans to seek funding for promotion and improvement of their local priority paths.  If you would like more information about improving paths in your area please contact Community Greenspace.

2017 Core Paths Plan revision

The Core Paths Plan for Perth and Kinross which was adopted by the Council in January 2012 and revised in 2017.

Last modified on 27 November 2018

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