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Setting the standard for learning - A guide for parents

We want all our children and young people to meet their full potential and to become successful, confident and responsible. We believe we can achieve this by delivering the highest quality learning experiences.

Our Setting the standard for learning: Realising potential leaflet (PDF) [341KB]  sets out our vision for the quality of education we are committed to achieving in all our schools.

A Curriculum for Excellence

Our schools curriculum will:

  • Have a clear rationale
  • Be well planned within and across schools
  • Be developed, designed and regularly reviewed in full consultation with staff, parents and pupils
  • Provide stimulating, challenging and enjoyable experiences for all pupils
  • Be designed to ensure continuity and progression in pupils' learning


Teaching approaches will:

  • Ensure lessons are well structured and planned
  • Use praise effectively
  • Ensure explanations and instructions are clear
  • Engage pupils through discussion and interaction
  • Encourage and value pupils' contributions, promote learning and build confidence


Pupils' experience of learning will:

  • Be relevant, stimulating, challenging, exciting and motivating
  • Provide continuity and progression in learning
  • Engage them in thinking about and being active in their learning
  • Enable them to use their imaginations and develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Be well paced and provide appropriate support and challenge to all
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to work independently and in groups to make decisions, explain their ideas, solve problems and provide solutions

Meeting Pupils' Needs

Pupils' needs will be best met by:

  • Matching learning tasks, activities and resources to the needs of individual pupils and groups
  • Providing appropriate support and challenge to all pupils
  • Ensuring that the quality and delivery of programmes include all pupils in the learning process
  • Effective partnership working between teachers, pupils, parents and services

If you would like further information about the Standard for Learning, please contact your local school.

Last modified on 08 January 2020

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