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Continuous improvement

Perth and Kinross Child Protection Committee (CPC) is committed to continuous improvement through self-evaluation, which is based on professional reflection, challenge and support.  Self-evaluation is a continuous process through which the CPC and partners can get to know how well we are doing and to identify the best way to improve our joint services for children and families.

Self-evaluation for improvement broadly focuses on answering three key questions:

  1. How good are we now? This question helps us identify strengths within and across our service delivery and begin to consider areas for improvement.
  2. How do we know?  In considering this question, our services and agencies should be gathering evidence and developing auditing processes which illustrate how well the lives of children and young people are improving. There are a number of sources of evidence which can inform us about the quality of our work.
  3. How good can we be?  This question helps us to take forward what we have found so far and to develop a set of clear and tangible priorities for improvement.

Continuous improvement frameworks

Underpinning the work of Perth and Kinross CPC are the following three quality improvement frameworks:

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