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Performance and benchmarking

Our Performance Management Framework is fundamental to our approach to continuous improvement. Corporate performance reporting ensures that Councillors and senior management are equipped with the information that will allow them to effectively scrutinise the Council's performance against our key priorities and objectives.

Public performance reporting ensures that local people are also able to assess how we are performing against what we have committed to do, and understand the actions we will take to address any areas of concern.

PK Performs

PK Performs is our online performance area. Here, you can find a summary of how the Council is performing against our Corporate Plan for 2022-2027 as well as our latest Annual Performance Reports.

Benchmarking for improvement

Perth and Kinross Council is involved in a wide range of formal and informal benchmarking which includes participation in the national Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF). Benchmarking also forms a key stage of any review and our self-evaluation. For further details, see our Benchmarking for improvement page.

Last modified on 04 August 2023

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