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Rural Employment Incentive

Employers are being given an added incentive to help a young person into sustainable employment throughout rural areas of Perth & Kinross.

The Rural Employment Incentive continues to deliver Perth & Kinross Council's commitment to target support at unemployed young people, whilst assisting rurally based businesses overcome common recruitment issues.

The incentive provides employers with a financial contribution to the additional costs of recruiting and sustaining a young person in employment. It could be utilised in a number of ways including additional supervisory costs, training, initial travel to work costs or wages.

The aim is to support employers and encourage recruitment of young people aged 16-29 into sustainable employment, including Modern Apprenticeships.

Client testimonial

View a testimonial video below from local business Gillies and Mackay who used our Rural Employment Incentive to partially fund the employment of Sales Consultants Cameron and Kieran. Both young men are thriving in their positions and have developed into confident and enthusiastic salesmen.

Funding model

Where an employer commits to a new job or new Modern Apprenticeship for up to 26 weeks, they will receive £4,500.

The payment schedule will involve:

  • 15% at 4 weeks (£675) - No payment for less than 4 weeks
  • 35% at 13 weeks (£1,575) - No pro-rata payment between 4-13 weeks
  • 50% at 26 weeks (£2,250) - No pro-rata payment between 13-26 weeks

*Additional payment of £500 will be awarded to the employer if participant is paid the Accredited Living Wage (currently £9.50 per hour).


  • Small businesses (employing 50 or less people) primarily based in all of Perth & Kinross, excluding the 3 Perth City wards.
  • Offering employment on a fixed term or permanent basis, for a min. of 25 hours per week for a period of 52 weeks or more.
  • Employers who employ individuals on zero hours contracts will NOT be eligible for support
  • Eligible participants - aged 16-29 years (at start date in employment) residing in all of Perth & Kinross, excluding the 3 Perth City wards.
  • Eligible employers will be able to access up to three offers of 'the incentive' per annum.

For more information about applying in Perth and Kinross, please contact Jamie May on 07867 351244 or email Alternatively email