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Unpaid work

Unpaid Work is one of the most common requirements of CPO. Individuals have the opportunity to pay back for their crimes by doing work that benefits the community and learn vital new skills in the process.

In Perth & Kinross unpaid work is coordinated from Westbank and during 2022/2023:

  • Supported 120 Clients to complete their CPO.
  • Carried out 278 jobs in the community for a total of 21,191.50 hours.

The team is a key resource for the other members of the Safer Communities Team through:

  • Removing graffiti and making other environmental improvements.
  • Cutting back overgrown vegetation to improve natural surveillance and light.
  • Repairing and replacing broken fences.
  • Supporting hoarders in clearing their gardens and houses.
  • Tidying and reinstating gardens to improve confidence of vulnerable people.
  • Decorating houses to improve confidence and inclusion of vulnerable people.
  • Providing resources to support the City Centre Amenity Project.
  • Supporting offenders to reduce their level of reoffending

Depending on the nature of the offence and other criteria, individuals can also do personal placements with local charities.


Do you have a project in mind that will benefit the community or it's vulnerable members?  Submit an unpaid work request below:

Unpaid work request


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Last modified on 07 February 2024

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