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Community safety

Community Safety is difficult to define and is constantly evolving. The most commonly accepted definition devised by COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) is "Protecting people's rights to live in confidence and without fear for their own or other people's safety".

Community Safety is therefore as much about how people feel rather than how statistically safe they are. The changing demographics in Perth and Kinross have influenced a change in approach from all the Community Safety Partners with a growing focus on 'protecting those most vulnerable in Society from those most likely to harm them' and a consequent emphasis on risk management, inclusion, reducing inequality, engagement and most importantly, prevention.

Information and analysis

Effective, proportionate information sharing is essential in tackling the many problems reported to the Safer Communities Team and the Hub. It is supported by the Admin and Information Team which has access to all Police and Council systems which ensure operations are well-informed and intelligence-led.

About the Safer Communities Team

The Safer Communities Team in Perth and Kinross comprises:

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Safer Communities Team

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