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Corporate Plan 2022/23 to 2027/28

Corporate Plan Introduction

Welcome to our Corporate Plan 2022/23-2027/28 (PDF) [626KB] . This plan sets out our vision for a Perth and Kinross, where everyone can live life well, free from poverty and inequality. It proposes a number of key priorities for the next five years. It also reflects the principles of the Working in partnership with communities which sets out our commitments to better engage with people and communities and ensure that you have your say and are involved at an earlier stage in our strategic planning discussions. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed. We have listened to the feedback and this final version reflects the careful consideration of everything we have heard from our communities, elected members, partner organisations and our staff about what is important for Perth and Kinross, and the part we as the Council can play in achieving the ambitions of residents.

We are committed to serving the people and communities of both place and interest and delivering the best possible services that we can within the resources at our disposal. In doing this we recognise that our focus requires us to continually consider the services which make the biggest difference to those in greatest need.

The pandemic of recent years has only added to the significant and increasingly complex challenges we face. With the cost-of-living crisis and increasing levels of poverty the equalities gap we were working to address has widened and our local economy, like others has been hard hit. Alongside this, demands for services are increasing while facing reductions in the resources we have to meet these demands. All of this will mean difficult decisions on where we commit our resources and will require reductions in some areas.

Despite the challenges that our communities and the Council face, we have shown in our response to Covid that we are at our best when we work together with communities to provide much-needed support to vulnerable people. We are committed to building on those positive relationships and the development of local support networks to change the way we work with and within our communities. 

We will work with and within communities to deliver on these priorities in their areas in a way that recognises local needs and infrastructure. We recognise that there may be requests for investment and support from communities which we are unable to meet. In those cases, we will support communities to come together, connect with other relevant partners and identify alternative sources of funding and resources to help them make their local ambitions a reality.

While this is a five-year plan, we know that there will be things outwith our control that will change. We will regularly monitor our performance against each of the key priorities to ensure that they are still relevant and effectively contribute to our vision for a Perth and Kinross where everyone can live life well, free from poverty and inequality.

Man with white hair, Council Leader Grant Laing
Photograph of man in suit with short dark hair, Thomas Glen Chief Executive
Councillor Grant Laing, Council LeaderThomas Glen, Chief Executive


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