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Scottish Residential Rehabilitation Facilities Finder

We have created a Scottish Residential Rehabilitation Facilities Finder which is thought to be the first of its kind in Scotland. This was created to bring all the information on established facilities together in one place to make it easier to access Residential Rehabilitation.

Accessing Residential Rehabilitation is a highly topical issue and we are happy to share this resource to help tackle alcohol and drug related harm.

Scottish Residential Rehabilitation Facilities Finder

What is Residential Rehabilitation?

Residential Rehabilitation or 'rehab' is a term which relates to a place where an individual can reside as their permanent or semi-permanent residence for a period of time where they receive intensive support and treatment to overcome their difficulties with alcohol and/or drugs. This usually happens through a structured programme of daily activities which residents are required to attend over a fixed period of time. The goal of most of these services is for individuals to reintegrate into society drug and alcohol free and be more equipped to remain in recovery. Some of the services listed may be identified as specialised supported accommodation services however, for the purposes of this tool they will be defined as residential rehabilitation facilities. The Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Crisis Service is the exception to this as it is a service which offers crisis residential spaces with an emphasis on harm reduction but it is important that this facility is recognised within these findings.

What is a detox?

Some services offer a detoxification (detox) which is a medically assisted process to support an individual through the physical withdrawal symptoms which can occur during a reduction or stopping using alcohol and/or drugs altogether. These are assessed by a health professional and the appropriate medication and support is offered to ensure that the individual has the very best opportunity to have a successful attempt at detoxifying and then engaging with the rehabilitation part of the services. A detox is dependent on the levels of alcohol and/or drugs the individual is taking at the time of their admission.

How can I access Residential Rehabilitation?

Alcohol and Drug Services are available throughout Scotland and your local Council will be able to help support you to access help and advice regarding Residential Rehabilitation as well as any other alcohol and drug related issues. There are also a wide variety of charities and third sector organisations which can provide help and support.

This tool was created out of the frustrations known to be experienced when  trying to find out information about the various different services across Scotland. Many websites were outdated and having to go through all of the services to find out the relevant information is arduous and off putting. This tool may help with shortlisting a few of the services which may be more appropriate for your specific needs. Please be advised that this information has been obtained both from publicly available information on the various websites, as well as an extensive survey completed by the organisation's senior member of staff or management.

It is worth noting that the information obtained for this tool is likely to already be out of date in some areas as it was gathered and compiled in 2022. Creating this tool is a significant undertaking and unfortunately it is not possible to update the records regularly and as such, please consider this when using this tool. It is always recommended to contact the services directly for up to date information given the ever changing nature of the data.

Thanks and acknowledgements

  • James O'Donnell (Social Worker within Criminal Justice Services, PKC) came up with the idea for this tool and gathered and collated the information from all of the services across Scotland.
  • Claire McCarthy and Marie Hainey (Performance and Information Officers within Criminal Justice Services, PKC during 2022) generated a questionnaire to survey the facilities in Scotland and undertook in-depth data analysis and data interpretation.
  • Lucy Campbell, I.T. Assistant Data Officer, PKC - Residential Rehabilitation Tool creator
  • Caroline Hogan, I.T. Coordinator (BI &Analytics), PKC - Residential Rehabilitation Tool overseer
  • Ewan Walker, I.T. Team Leader, Data Services, PKC - Residential Rehabilitation Tool overseer


Finally, thanks to the Residential Rehabilitation services across Scotland for their support with creating this tool.

Last modified on 20 February 2023

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