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Transformation and Change Strategy 2022/23-2027/28

Transformation and Change Strategy - Foreword

Transformation and Change Strategy 2022/23-2027/28 (document version)

Since it came into being in 1996, Perth and Kinross Council has been required to change and respond to the needs of our local communities and the many social, economic, environmental, and other challenges we have faced. As we continue our recovery from the Covid pandemic, see the impact of ongoing conflict in Ukraine, work to address our climate emergency and face significant financial challenges to us as an organisation and people across our communities, the need to evolve and change is more pressing than ever. 

As a Council we are committed to delivering the best possible services that we can within the resources at our disposal to serve the people and communities of Perth and Kinross. In doing this we recognise that our focus requires us to continually consider the services which make the biggest difference to those in greatest need. 

Covid has added to the significant and increasingly complex challenges we face. The equalities gap and opportunities for those in need has only widened. Our local economy is still in recovery, and we are continuing to see the emerging long-term implications for people's physical and mental health and wellbeing, and we are already seeing increasing demands on us as a Council and other public and community partners. 

At the same time, the pandemic also proved that there is a different way of working alongside our communities and partners. Through our Perth & Kinross Offer, we are committed to strengthening the place of communities at the heart of all that we do. 

Like all councils, we are facing these and other challenges against a backdrop of the most challenging financial circumstances local government has ever experienced. Rising costs also impact on what we need to pay out, and with a reducing income we are left with a significant budget deficit. It is impossible to continue doing the same things we have done in the past and we must rethink how we work with, and within, our communities as well as with all our partners to achieve the best outcomes for the people of Perth and Kinross. 

We are committed to re-balancing the relationship we have in designing and delivering services, with the people who ultimately use them, and draw on the strengths, assets and local understanding that residents can bring to help everyone in their area, to live life well. 

Although the challenges we face are substantial, we have significant experience in delivering transformation and improvement projects and we know from previous experience that a focussed programme of transformational change can make a real impact on the way that we operate. The success of our future transformation and change programme will be built on our biggest asset, our staff team. They show an unwavering commitment to serving the public and when required have stepped up and faced challenges and changes whilst continuing to deliver. 

This strategy sets out the next chapter of transformation for us as a Council and the communities we serve. It begins the process of detailing how over the next five years, we will deliver an ambitious programme of transformation and change across the organisation. These changes will impact on our communities, our teams and how they deliver as we seek to respond to changing demands and resourcing levels. 

With our continued focus on public service, a focus on those in greatest need and the support of our teams, partners and communities we will continue to ensure that the people of Perth and Kinross are at the heart of all that we do and we evolve to face the challenges ahead. 

Man with white hair, Council Leader Grant Laing

Councillor Grant Laing, Council Leader

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