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Help shape your community

If you care about the area you live in and want to make a difference, then get involved with your local Community Council.

Becoming a Community Council member

Community Councils need people from a range of backgrounds to get involved:

  • Someone to lead public meetings and all the work that goes on behind them (chairperson).
  • Someone to manage correspondence and minute the meetings (secretary).
  • Someone to keep an eye on the finances (treasurer).

These office bearers also need the support of other Community Council members who bring their enthusiasm, experience and commitment to the local area to discuss the issues and get involved in shaping their community.

Many Community Council members bring their experience from work, education and other volunteering to support the committee. Elected Community Councillors will also get the opportunity to receive training and support in managing meetings, and the legal processes around areas such as commenting on planning applications.

Community Council Elections are held every 3 years, although by-elections may be held in between to fill vacancies, or to re-start Community Councils. The most recent Community Council elections were held in November 2019.

Other kinds of support

In addition to Community Council members, Community Councils need the support of all residents to help them effectively represent the area on key issues. Even if you do not have the time to commit to being a member of your local Community Council you can support it in other ways such as:

  • lending ad hoc support to events and activities;
  • attending public meetings of the Community Council and sharing your views;
  • taking part in events and activities organised by the Community Council for your local area.