Report a missed bin collection

If we have missed your household waste collection, help us to investigate.

Why your household bin or pink sack has not been uplifted

Do you have the correct collection date?

To check your household waste and recycling collection dates, or to print your collection calendar(s), please use our household collection date finder.  Alternatively, contact the Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 to request a collection calendar in postcard format.

Do you have the correct materials in your recycling bin?

Only fill your recycling bin(s) with materials listed in the  kerbside collection service leaflets. If the bin contains the wrong materials (e.g. plastic bags or glass jars/bottles in a blue-lidded bin) it will not be uplifted by the collection crew.

Have you presented the bin correctly?

  • If the bin is overfilled (i.e. the lid won't close) or the bin is not presented on the kerbside, then the bin will not be uplifted by the collection crew. Side waste will also not be uplifted by the collection crew.
  • The wheeled bin or pink sack should be presented by 7:30am on the day of collection to avoid being missed. Bins should be returned to your bin storage point that same day.
  • Failure to present your bin(s) or pink sacks correctly could result in your waste not being uplifted, these will not be uplifted until the next scheduled collection date.

For full details on household waste presentation refer to the icon Household Bin Policy [217Kb].

Severe weather and festive collection arrangements

Where waste and recycling services have been affected by the weather, householders should leave their bin out for the next two days for collection. Should collections not take place, excess waste will be collected on your next scheduled general waste collection date. This does not apply to recycling collections. For information on changes to scheduled kerbside collections due to severe weather, please check our waste and recycling news section for regular announcements affecting your area. Collection dates may vary over the festive period. Please check local papers; visit our waste and recycling news section, or phone the Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476, nearer to the time.

Report a missed bin or pink sack collection

If your household waste or recycling bin has been missed for operational reasons - and not due to incorrect presentation - you can help us to investigate.

Report a missed bin collection

We will need information about the location of the missed household collection including the type of waste, your address and the date of the missed collection.

Please continue to leave your bin out for 48 hours while your missed bin report is being looked into by the relevant collection depot. After 48 hours of reporting a missed bin, if the collection depot has not returned to empty it, please take it back in and present it on your next scheduled collection day. Excess waste and recycling can be taken to your local Recycling Centre or Point.

Report a missed assisted lift

Report a missed assisted lift

Alternatively, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476, and we will arrange another uplift for you and confirm the date for this.

For further information please direct your enquiry through our Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 between the hours of 8:45am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday, or email us at

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