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Litter and flytipping

Litter and flytipping are criminal offences that cause a blight on our local landscape, and impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities

Litter and flytipping represent waste that is disposed of illegally and irresponsibly with both being environmental crimes which constitute a serious offence that can lead to prosecution. 

Find information on how to report a litter or flytipping problem; the funding that is available to finance clearance of private land and introduce preventative actions to resolve the localised problem long-term; the provision of litter bins and their maintenance; national awareness raising campaigns; and details of how to loan a kit for an organised local clean up event.


Litter is an anti-social behaviour which is a blight on our environment and a financial burden. This is highlighted by the fact that it costs Perth & Kinross Council over £2 million per annum to clear up litter.

Litter bins

Environment Services are responsible for the provision and maintenance of litter bins throughout the area. There are in excess of 1200 bins throughout Perth and Kinross.


Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish in places where it shouldn't be.

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