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Litter bins

Environment Services are responsible for the provision and maintenance of litter bins throughout the area. There are in excess of 1200 bins throughout Perth and Kinross.

Types of bins

The Council provides a range of litter bins to suit the specific needs of each location, and where possible we aim to install litter bins that fit in with existing street furniture and surroundings to minimise their visual impact.

Bins for smoking related litter

We have recently started to introduce litter bins throughout that have a cigarette stubber plate and a fire retardant disposal compartment to allow smokers to safely dispose of their cigarette ends.

Dog waste

The Council encourages dog owners to act responsibly and clear up after their dog. It is an offence for any person responsible for a dog, not to immediately remove and dispose of appropriately, any excrement after their dog has fouled. You can place dog waste in any litter bin, or a designated dog waste bin. Visit our dog fouling pages for more information.

Location of litter bins

Litter bins are typically placed in busy thoroughfares most likely to attract littering, for example within the city centre, outside take away food shops, bus stops, car parks and lay-bys.

The numbers of litter bins can also be increased in areas of repeated littering, for example the main routes into schools.

Please use the litter bins responsibly, litter bins are only to be used for pedestrian litter and should not be used to dispose of either domestic or commercial waste and doing so may result in enforcement action.

Maintenance of litter bins

Perth and Kinross Council have dedicated teams that empty the bins on regular schedules devised to meet the demands of each location.

Report an overflowing litter bin 

Alternatively, telephone the Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 and we will endeavour to empty the bin as soon as possible.

If you know of an area that could benefit from a litter bin or seen a bin which requires repair or replaced, you can let us know by completing our online general enquiry form or by calling the Customer Service Centre.

Contact details

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