Education Maintenance Allowance

What is an Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)?

EMA is a weekly allowance of £30 which may be available to full time pupils receiving school education who achieve 100% attendance per week or young people who take part in Activity Agreements after they reach the statutory school leaving age of 16.

It can be paid for a maximum of 3 years (4 years for vulnerable young people who may need additional time to further their potential).

Eligibility for EMA

In the academic session 2018/19, your date of birth must fall on or between 1 March 1999 and 28 February 2003.

EMA awards will be payable according to the total taxable income of your household.  The income threshold is £24,421 for one dependent child and £26,884 for households with two or more dependent children.

Payments will only be made for the weeks where attendance requirements have been met.

EMA is a fortnightly payment, paid directly into the young person's bank account.  If you do not have a bank account, you will be required to open one. 

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