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Youth homelessness

This section of the website is designed to provide advice to young people who are homeless, threatened with homelessness or thinking about leaving home.

Being homeless

Being homeless

Being homeless doesn't necessarily mean sleeping rough. It can mean sleeping on a friend's floor/couch or just being unable to rely on having a roof over your head every night. Whatever your individual situation, we can offer you advice, assistance and support.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic we are not currently delivering advice and assistance settings in secondary schools. We have however commissioned a specialist youth homelessness support service from the Rock Trust to help people that may be at risk of homelessness or who have already found themselves homeless. This service can be accessed through a referral from various services and agencies including schools.

If you think you are homeless, or soon to be homeless, please get in contact with us to discuss your Housing Options and what support we may be able to provide.

Housing options

It is very important that you plan things properly before deciding to leave home. You can leave home without your parents' permission at age 16, but it can be difficult to find a new home. Many young people who leave become vulnerable to homelessness.

If you want to find out more about your housing options, contact the Housing Options and Support Team in Pullar House and we will meet with you about your accommodation needs and help you plan a move.

Arguments at home

Some young people leave home because of stress and constant disagreements, however go on to regret the decision, when they realise how difficult it is to find alternative housing and how lonely it can be living alone.

Before making the final decision to move out, try getting help or contact the Housing Options and Support Team, where we have a "Think Twice" project that is aimed for young people with housing issues. Try to:

  • Talk to someone like a friend, relative or teacher
  • Ask someone you trust to talk to you & your parent
  • Find out if family mediation is an option as they could support you to negotiate with your parents more effectively


If you have nowhere to stay tonight, please contact us by calling 01738 476000 or by emailing

If you need help outside of office hours please call our Out of Hours Service on 0800 917 0708 (Freephone).

Contact details

Housing Options & Support Team

Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH2 8EP
Tel 01738 476000