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Body mounted cameras in use by parking attendants

Our Parking Attendants wear lightweight digital cameras and sound recording equipment. 

A reduction in violence and aggression has been recorded since the equipment was brought into use and the footage is used for training, complaints, complaint investigations and prosecutions.   The cameras are about the size of a mobile phone and worn overtly - images being captured are clearly displayed in real time.   The cameras record continuously during a Parking Attendant's shift and a badge on the uniform lets anyone they speak to know that they are being filmed and recorded.

Images are downloaded to a  docking station at the end of each shift and stored for 31 days on a server.   Evidence from the cameras can also be used by our public sector partners, Police Scotland, for example where a Parking Attendant witnesses a potentially criminal offence.

The initiative which has value both for Council staff and members of the public was a trailblazer in Scotland and other Local Authorities have now adopted this process.

Last modified on 05 December 2016

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