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Parking permit for residents

You can apply for a Resident Permit if you reside within the Controlled Parking Zone in Perth or Crieff and have a motor vehicle registered in your name with DVLA.

The Controlled Parking Zone for Perth is split into two zones - the Inner Zone and the Outer Zone. 

The Inner Zone covers all roads within the Pay & Display zone situated on or within the inner ring road and includes properties on Tay Street, Charlotte Street, Atholl Street, Caledonian Road, St Andrews Street, Leonard Street (between St Andrew Street and Kings Place), Kings Place and Marshall Place. 

The Outer Zone covers roads within the Pay & Display zone but outwith the inner ring road including Melville Street, Stormont Street, Barossa Street, Barossa Place, Rose Terrace, West Bridge Street, East Bridge Street, Backwynd, Gowrie Street, Commercial Street, Dundee Road (from Bowerswell Road up to Manse Road), Riverside and St Leonards Bank.

The Controlled Parking Zone for Crieff covers all roads situated on or within the Pay & Display zone, including properties on Church Street, Comrie Road, Comrie Street, East High Street, Gavelmore Street, High Street, King Street, Lodge Street and West High Street

Information to know before applying

How much does it cost?

  • Perth Inner Zone - £254 per year
  • Perth Outer Zone - £145 per year
  • Crieff - £159 per year

Where can I park?

  • If your permit is for Perth Inner Zone, you will be able to park in a Pay & Display bay within 100 metres of the street you live on, in your closest off-street Council car park and in Canal Street Multi-Storey* car park too. 
  • If your permit is for Perth Outer Zone, you will be able to park in a Pay & Display bay within 100 metres of the street you live on. 
  • If your permit is for Crieff, you will be able to park in a Pay & Display bay within 100 metres of the street you live on and in James Square car park.

*A Proximity card will be required to access this car park in addition to your virtual permit.  If you have requested a proximity card, this can be collected directly from the office on the ground floor of the car park.

Permits will not be issued to any vehicle which has an outstanding Penalty Charge Notice.

Applying for or renewing a permit

To apply for a permit, create an account and complete an online application. 

Please allow at least 5 days for your application to be processed. 

Before making an application, please make sure that you have a scanned image or clear photograph of the following documents:

  1. Proof of your address, either in the form of a Council Tax bill dated within the last 12 months, a Lease or Solicitor's letter confirming that your current address is within the controlled Parking zone for Perth or Crieff.  The uploaded document should show the full page of the proof you are uploading, including (your) name and date of issue.
  2. Proof of vehicle ownership in the form of a Vehicle Registration Document (V5), Vehicle Lease agreement or a company signed letter on headed paper to confirm you are the main driver of the vehicle.  The document should also be addressed to you at your address within the controlled Parking zone for Perth or Crieff.

If you can't confirm your residency and vehicle ownership from the document examples given above, you can apply for a Season Ticket until you can provide these to us.

We will assess your application after you've sent us it online.  If your application is successful, you will receive an email which will allow you to make payment online.  Following payment, you will be issued with a virtual permit.

Making changes to your permit

If you hold a virtual permit, you can log on to your account and request a change to your vehicle details or cancel your permit.

If you hold a paper permit (issued prior to 24 May 2021) and have changed your vehicle, please return your permit to our address, along with a copy of your updated V5, Vehicle Lease agreement or letter on headed paper from your company for your permit to be updated.  If you no longer require your permit, you must return your permit to our address and complete a refund form to be issued with a refund on any time remaining.  Refund forms can be obtained by contacting

Last modified on 03 April 2024

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