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Parking dispensations and suspensions

If you're working in Perth city centre and need to park within the Pay & Display zone, find out below if you qualify for a parking dispensation or can apply for a bay suspension

Bay suspensions

Please make sure that you have all the necessary permissions and permits for the work you are undertaking before requesting a bay suspension.

You can purchase a bay suspension if you are carrying out works in the Pay & Display zone and require a parking bay to be suspended for the storage of plant in connection with building works.

A bay suspension can be purchased by creating an account and completing a short online application form letting us know where the works are being carried out, the vehicle details of any vehicle to be parked within the suspended bays and letting us know how long you would like to suspend a bay for.

All parking bay suspensions will be charged at the standard rate of £18.00 per bay, per day.  There is no lower charge for suspensions involving essential works.  All charges must be paid in full by debit or credit card before a suspension request can be processed.  Payment will be taken as part of the online application process.  You can only apply for 5 bays per application.

Dispensations outwith Perth Pedestrian Zone

Dispensations are available to vehicles carrying out essential works which require a vehicle to be parked close by and on a parking restriction.

Dispensations for any area out with the Pedestrian Zone in Perth can be applied for by creating an account and completing a short application letting us know where you're parked and what your vehicle details are.  Dispensations are chargeable at £25.00 per day, per vehicle and can be paid as part of the online application process.

We cannot allow vehicles to park:

  • On a pedestrian crossing, including the area marked by the zig-zag lines
  • On a loading restriction
  • In marked Taxi Ranks
  • In a cycle lane
  • On a Clearway
  • In spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders, residents or motorbikes
  • Near a school entrance
  • Anywhere that would prevent access for Emergency Services
  • At or near a bus stop
  • Opposite or within 10 metres of a junction
  • Over a dropped kerb
  • In front of the entrance to a property (unless you carrying out works on that property)

Dispensation to Park in Perth Pedestrian Zone

Dispensations are available to vehicles carrying out essential works which require a vehicle to be parked close by and on a parking restriction.  You are allowed to load and unload within the Pedestrian Zone before 11am and after 4pm Monday to Sunday.  If you need to access the Pedestrian Zone within these hours, you must apply for dispensation unless you are a user of a private parking area.

The Streets within the Perth Pedestrianised Zone are:

  • High Street (between Scott Street and George Street)
  • St John's Street
  • St John's Place
  • South St John's Place
  • Kirkside
  • Kirkgate
  • King Edward Street (between High Street and South St John's Place)
  • Skinnergate

There are currently two vehicular access points into the Zone. The first is on High Street from Tay Street and the second on South St John's Place from King Edward Street.

To apply for dispensation within the Pedestrian Zone, please contact Parking Services on or 01738 477211.  Please apply as far in advance to any works being carried out as possible and provide vehicle details for the vehicle which requires access.

Last modified on 15 April 2024

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