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Penalty charge notice

If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice, please do not ignore it.

Paying a Penalty Charge Notice

There are various ways you can pay:

  • Pay online using your debit or credit card
  • By calling our automated telephone payment number (24 hours, 7 days a week) on 0345 603 0121.
  • By post to Parking Services, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth PH1 5GD.

Cheques should be made payable to Perth & Kinross Council.  Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.  Please ensure that the Penalty Charge Notice number is written on the reverse of your cheque and that your cheque has been signed.

If you pay within 14 days of the date your Penalty Charge Notice was issued, the charge will be reduced by 50% to £50.00.

If you are attempting to pay a Penalty Charge Notice after the debt has been passed to Sheriff Officers, you will still be liable and pursued for any additional Sheriff Officer fees.

Appealing your Penalty Charge Notice

View the Penalty Charge Notice cancellation policy (PDF) [18KB]  and Traffic Orders.

There are various ways you can dispute your notice:

  • You can check online if your appeal is likely to be accepted and complete our appeals form.
  • You can call 01738 505070 (24 hours, 7 days a week) to check if your appeal is likely to be accepted.
  • You can write in to Parking Services, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth PH1 5GD.

You cannot appeal if you have paid your Penalty Charge Notice.

Once you have submitted an appeal for your Penalty Charge Notice, it will be placed on hold whilst we consider your appeal.  You will normally receive a written response to your appeal within 20 working days, however it may take longer in some cases.  Please be assured that your Penalty Charge Notice will remain on hold until we are able to respond.  If you're concerned that you haven't received a response, you can ask us to check the status of your appeal by emailing

Penalty Charge Notice Appeal Protocol

Informal stage

We will respond in writing to you once only, giving our decision in relation to your Penalty Charge Notice informal appeal, unless we need to contact you to request further evidence prior to any decision.  

The vehicle's owner will automatically receive a Notice to Owner form if the Penalty Charge Notice has not been paid within 28 days of it being issued.  This form offers you the opportunity to formally challenge your Penalty Charge Notice.

If you decide not to pay your Penalty Charge Notice, but to formally challenge it, you must wait until the Notice to Owner form arrives.  We cannot discuss your case verbally or in writing or consider any further information or evidence from you until this form is received by us, along with any supporting evidence and documents in relation to your formal challenge.  Any correspondence relating to this matter will not be considered and will be filed.

Formal stage

When you receive a 'Notice to Owner', you have 28 days to either make your formal representation or make full payment of £100.00.

Representation can only be made on certain grounds which are explained on the 'Notice to Owner' form.

Representations will be carefully considered and if the Council agrees with your representation you will receive a 'Notice of Acceptance' and the case will be closed and the Penalty Charge Notice will be cancelled.  If not, you will receive a 'Notice of Rejection.  If you receive a 'Notice of Rejection' we will not enter into further discussion with you or communicate with you in writing regarding the Penalty Charge Notice, any correspondence relating to this matter from you will be filed.  You do, however, have the right to appeal to an independent adjudicator, Parking and Bus Lane Appeals and details will be sent to you with the 'Notice of Rejection'. 

Vehicle Clamping and Removal

The Council have a Clamping and Vehicles Removal Policy (PDF) [338KB] in place and can impound any vehicle that meets the criteria.

No vehicle will be released until all outstanding debt relating to the removal has been paid and the Council's Parking Services team are satisfied that the vehicle is being released back to the owner. 

If your vehicle has been removed, you should refer to the policy for details on how to reclaim your vehicle.  Alternatively, you can contact Parking Services on 01738 477211.

Last modified on 19 April 2024

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