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Property enquiries

A property enquiry certificate is a document produced by the Council that provides information about commercial as well as private residential property and land that is normally required when buying or selling a property

What information will be given?

Our property enquiry certificates include the following:


Land use zoning as is detailed in the , planning applications and decisions within the last 5 years and any conditions which may have an implication upon the use of the land or building, any Conservation areas, enforcement notices, stop notices, tree preservation orders and whether the property is a listed building and or is situated within a Conservation Area.

Building Standards

Any building warrant issued within the last 25 years that does not have a Certificate of Completion and any formal action in terms of the Building (Scotland) Act.

Roads Information

Information in respect of Roads or Footpaths (Public or Private) to which a property has a frontage will be included.  Any approved road proposal approved by the Council as Roads Authority which could result in physical alterations to the property will be declared.

Environmental Services

Any statutory notices served under the Civic Government, housing, environmental protection and health and safety legislation.  Information from the last inspection regarding the structural condition of any food premise.  Information on any housing grant paid within the last 10 years.  Information on whether the land is in the Contaminated Land Register.

How do I apply for a certificate?

Any requests for a property enquiry certificate should be addressed to:

Building Standards 
Perth & Kinross Council
Pullar House
35 Kinnoull Street

You can also request a certificate by emailing

What does it cost?

The current fee for this service is £100.00 (which is inclusive of VAT) for each property address. We offer a reduced price for estates which have multiple properties and it advised that you contact Building Standards for confirmation of the fee. The fee must be paid at the same time as the request for the certificate is made.

Last modified on 21 February 2023

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