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Pest control

The Council does not directly provide a pest control service but you can find advice on pest control matters and contact details for local pest control contractors.

The Council has a responsibility under the Prevention of Damages by Pests Act 1949 to ensure that infestations of rats and mice are eradicated.

This does not mean that we will carry out the work ourselves or instruct the work to be carried out.

Generally speaking it is either the owner or the occupier of the land or property who is responsible for ensuring that the necessary treatment is carried out to eradicate any infestation.

Rats and Mice infestation


You are advised to engage your own pest control contractor unless there is evidence that the vermin is coming from an adjacent property.

Adjacent property

You can report this by phoning 01738 475000.  We will arrange for a survey to be carried out by Pest control contractors.  The survey should be carried out within 2 working days of our instruction to the contractor and the findings are then reported to us.

We will ensure that the responsible person takes the necessary steps to eradicate the infestation.  A revisit inspection is carried out, within 14-21 days, by our Pest Control Contractor to check this is the case.

Council House Tenant

You can report this by contacting the Housing Repairs Centre on 01738 476000.  They will arrange for a survey within 2 working days.


Bees are important for gardeners and farmers but their numbers are reducing due to pesticide and parasitic infections therefore we would look to protect them wherever possible.  Therefore for swarm advice, please contact John McKenzie of the Perth & District Beekeepers Association on 07725255496 who can organise to have a swarm collected and relocated.  For more information please visit the Perth and District Beekeepers Association.

Wasps or other insects infestation

If you are an owner occupier and the wasp or insect infestation is on your own property we can offer information and advice on how best to deal with the problem.  However, the responsibility for eradicating the infestation is your own and could mean engaging the service of a private pest control company.  For information and advice contact us on 01738 475000.

If you are the occupier or tenant of private property we will give you advice on the best course of action however this will depend on the nature of the infestation and also the conditions of your lease.

To obtain general information and advice about wasp or insect infestation contact us on 01738 475000.

Rabbits or moles infestation

The Council has no statutory responsibility for these and if on private ground you will be referred to a Pest Control Contractor.  If the problem is on Council owned ground, your complaint will be passed to the appropriate Council Service for their attention.

You are advised to engage your own pest control contractor unless there is evidence that the vermin is coming from an adjacent property.

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