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Temporary foster care

Providing temporary care to children and young people is both challenging and rewarding.  Temporary carers are full-time and can have part-time work and dependent children.  Children and young people who are placed in temporary foster homes can be there from 3 weeks to 2 or more years.  Most children and young people will arrive in an emergency and will have anxieties about being separated from their families.  They need compassion, consistency of care and patience.

The temporary carer will work as part of the team around the child or young person to effect change which would allow the child or young person to return home or move on to permanent care.

Our temporary carers often tell us that being flexible is their biggest task as they need to help children and young people have contact with their families, meet with professionals and accept children or young people into their family at very short notice.

If you think this could be a service you could offer or would like more information please get in touch with our Family Based Care Team by phone or email via the contact details on the right of this page. 

Last modified on 03 May 2023

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