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ASN specialist provision

Perth and Kinross Council has a special school called Fairview School for children and young people, from the age of 2½ years to 18 years, with severe, complex and enduring additional support needs.

In addition, Perth and Kinross Council currently offer specialist provisions within 7 mainstream Primary schools and enhanced provision within 3 mainstream Secondary schools.

These provisions provide additional supports for children and young people who experience significant barriers to learning and development.  They may have difficulties in relating to others, social communication, in regulating their behaviours, and in their use of flexible thinking.  Many will have sensory and motor difficulties, and problems in managing attention, controlling impulsivity and in hyperactivity, and such issues may compromise their wellbeing in school situations and capacity to learn.

A key feature of these provisions is the full range of opportunities that exist to allow children and young people to integrate with their mainstream peers whenever appropriate, and in some cases, pupils will transition into mainstream as their coping skills and resilience develop.  Such transitions are carefully planned and always involve close collaboration between staff in both settings, and with parents.

Support is offered in line with normal school hours and holidays throughout the year, but adjustments can be made to take specific needs into account (for example at the start and end of the school day, to manage anxiety, or to accommodate medical needs).

The guiding principles of the curriculum are established within Curriculum for Excellence as tailored to the individual requirements of each child and young person.  Multi-sensory approaches, opportunities for over-learning and repetition are some examples of the range of support strategies which enable effective learning and teaching.

Schools With Specialist Provision in Primary

Schools With Specialist Provision in Secondary

In exceptional circumstances, Perth and Kinross may place children and young people in independent special schools where the additional support needs are unable to be met within a Local Authority provision.  A list of these schools is available on request and can be obtained by making an enquiry to

Last modified on 08 January 2020

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