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Better Business Partnership Charter

Each member agrees to:

  • Trade in an open and honest manner using good business practices
  • Comply with the spirit and the letter of all relevant civil and criminal law
  • Provide a quality service to their customers
  • Maintain communications with customers and scheme administrators
  • Assist vulnerable customers to fully understand what has been agreed and not take advantage of these vulnerable customers
  • Not engage in any high pressure sales practices
  • Provide customers with clear details of any cancellation rights they may have in relation to their contract
  • Provide clear and accurate details of the work to be carried out prior to the customer entering into a contract
  • Deal with complaints in a courteous and timely manner
  • Engage with an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider if the customer wishes
  • Not engage in any illegal acts
  • Ensure any advertising material in connection with their business complies with all relevant advertising codes