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Public health - Gypsy / Traveller community

The Gypsy/Traveller community are and have been part of Scottish life for centuries. Gypsy/Traveller groups across Scotland contain a diverse mixture of languages, customs, religions and specific ethnic groups with a great importance placed on family networks and the passing down of culture and traditions to the next generations.

Their traditions and lifestyle are an important part of Scottish culture, which may include a settled lifestyle as homeowners or tenants, or nomadic lifestyle supported by the use of caravans or other vehicles, and/or camping, during at least part of the year. Roadside encampments, private sites and Council run sites are all common facilities used.

Perth & Kinross Council provide services to Gypsy/Traveller communities based on specific requirements and support needs whether permanent resident or visitors.

What permanent sites are provided by Perth & Kinross Council?

Perth & Kinross Council currently provides two permanent Gypsy/Traveller sites of which are Council owned properties subject to rent and Council tax:

Double Dykes

Double Dykes (situated in Perth) was established as an official site in June 1982. Twenty chalets are provided on site combined with amenity units. There is a large amenity space at the rear of the site, which allows for children's play activities and there is also a community facility.

Bobbin Mill

Bobbin Mill is located a short distance away from Pitlochry town centre in a private woodland area. The site has been in existence since 1947. The land was leased to the then County Council for a term of 99 years by Cluniemore Estates (now Pitlochry Estates).

There are a number of privately run sites used by the Gypsy/Traveller community in Perth & Kinross. 

Temporary encampments

There are currently no recognised transient or stopping sites for temporary encampments within Perth and Kinross. However, this provision remains under review and currently any visiting temporary encampments are provided with advice and assistance with local knowledge of facilities and services regarding health, education, and welfare requirements and the provision of toilets, sanitation and waste management services.  Council Officers will maintain a relationship with each group to maintain ongoing support as needed.  If the site is on privately owned land the Council will provide advice to the landowner. 

Any Gypsy/Traveller groups arriving in Perth and Kinross are encouraged to use the contact details below to access support and services.


OrganisationContact Details
Perth & Kinross Council

01738 475000

NHS - Perth Royal Infirmary01738 623311
NHS - Doctors

01738 564261 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

08454 242424 (out of hours)

NHS - Health Checks - Caravan Visits01738 564261
MECOPP (Minority Ethnic Carers of People Project) - Charity0131 467 2994
Housing Advice Centre

01738 476000

Community Care Grants and Crisis Grants

01738 476900 (Option 2)

Food SupportLocal Larders

Concerns over the needs and welfare of Gypsy/Traveller encampments

If you have concerns over the needs and welfare of Gypsy/Traveller encampments can be reported on the make a general enquiry online form or phoning the Customer Service Centre on 01738 475000.

Last modified on 01 December 2023

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