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Adopted Local Development Plan

Information on the Adopted Local Development Plan (2019) which guides development and the use of land in the Perth and Kinross area.

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What is a Local Development Plan?

The icon Perth & Kinross Local Development Plan (LDP) (2019) [46Mb] was adopted on 29 November 2019 and guides all future development and use of land in Perth and Kinross Council area. Please note the Local Development Plan is a large document and may take some time to download.

To help you navigate the Plan more easily and focus on your area of interest, we recommend using our interactive Storymap which includes our spatial strategy.  You can view land use designations and read a summary of the policies contained in the Plan:

View our LDP spatial strategy and summary of planning policies

We also have copies of high-resolution settlement maps available to view/download.

The LDP provides clear guidance on what development will or will not be allowed and where. It addresses a wide range of policy issues, including housing, retail, business, industry, transport, recreation, built and natural heritage, placemaking and climate change. For some of these topics, we have produced more detailed Supplementary Guidance that set out the Council's expectations when determining planning applications.

The LDP sits within a wider framework of regional and national level strategies that guide development in Scotland:

How did we prepare the Plan?

Further information on how the LDP was prepared can be viewed using our How we prepared our Plan page.


The icon Delivery Programme (2020) [1Mb] sets out the actions, timescales and partnerships required to implement the policies, proposals and strategies contained within the Local Development Plan through to 2029. This document is updated every 2 years.

We aim to work closely with landowners, developers and consultants to ensure the Delivery Programme is kept up-to-date. If you have an update for a LDP development site, please download the icon site form [146Kb]. Once this has been completed please return it to us by email or by post using the address on the form.


The LDP is reviewed every 5 years to ensure an up to date Plan is in place to guide future development in the area. Please visit LDP review for updates on the progress of the next Plan and how you can get involved.

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