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Local Development Plan 2 - Supplementary Guidance

Supplementary Guidance

Supplementary Guidance expands upon existing policies and proposals and is used to support the content of the Local Development Plan. It is particularly important when detail is required for a specific policy area or strategic development site. In order for the Supplementary Guidance to form Statutory Guidance, it must be subject to consultation and formal adoption procedures which allows it to form part of the Local Development Plan. Once adopted, the Supplementary Guidance will support the policies of the LDP (2019) and be used to inform the determination of planning applications.

The Council recently adopted the following Supplementary Guidance associated with the policies of the Local Development Plan (2019):

On 10 March 2020 the Scottish Government requested an extension of time to further consider the Developer Contributions & Affordable Housing Supplementary Guidance - updates will be available on this webpage.

The Council has also consulted on the following draft Supplementary Guidance in 2019 which will be progressed towards adoption in due course:

Please note the icon Consultation Privacy Statement [53Kb] sets out how any comments to consultations are handled.

Live Consultations

There are currently no live consultations.

    Future Consultations

    The Council is also likely to consult on the following statutory Supplementary Guidance in 2020/1:

    Please note Supplementary Guidance associated with the 2014 Local Development Plan (which has now been superseded) has lost it's formal statutory status but still forms guidance to inform the consideration of the planning application process until such time as Supplementary Guidance linked to the LDP (2019) is formally adopted.

    Non-Statutory Guidance

    Non-statutory planning guidance is guidance which has been adopted by the Council but without going through the formal procedures for Supplementary Guidance. However, the Council's adoption of it will give it a degree of authorisation and it may be a material consideration in the decision making process. We will be reviewing non-statutory planning guidance, where required, early in 2020 to consider if any updates are required.

    Non-Statutory Planning Guidance

    Design Guidance

    Site Guidance

    If you have any queries about any of the Guidance, please contact a member of the team via email (, post using the contact details above or telephone (01738 475300).