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Development Plan

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Development Planning is the preparation of the Development Plan and other supporting policies, information or studies which form the basis for making decisions on planning applications.

Planning Act (Scotland) 2006 introduced major changes to the way in which Development Planning is carried out. The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 will also result in changes to the Development Planning process and further regulations and guidance will be published by the Scottish Government over the course of the next 2-3 years to enact this new legislation.

Can you tell me what makes up the development plan?

The Development Plan for Perth and Kinross consists of two tiers:

  • icon Strategic Development Plan (2016-36) [5Mb] jointly prepared by Perth & Kinross, Dundee, Angus and Fife Councils. On 11 October 2017 Scottish Ministers approved the TAYplan Strategic Development Plan with modifications. Further information and all associated documents are available from the TAYplan website.
  • The icon Perth & Kinross Local Development Plan (2019) [46Mb] was adopted on 29 November 2019 and covers the whole Perth & Kinross Council area (apart from those areas covered by the National Parks). The approved LDP is available to download (above) and can be viewed in local libraries/offices. Please note the Local Development Plan document is large in size and may take some time to download - if possible, we would recommend downloading the document using a desktop computer using Wi-Fi. Further information is available on our LDP webpage.

How do the Plans fit together?

The Strategic Development Plan covers a wide range of issues such as housing, transport, employment, shopping, recreation, conserving and protecting wildlife and the countryside. The Plan takes a long-term view of development, considering how much and broadly where it should go. After we have consulted with you and organisations, we submit the Strategic Development Plan to the Scottish Government for approval. The Strategic Development Plan provides:

  • Strategic land-use framework at the regional level
  • Policy context for the Local Development Plan within Perth & Kinross
  • Framework for investment (both public and private)
  • Basis for decision-making
  • Complete and consistent consideration of the environment
  • A twenty year time span, reviewed after the first five years
  • Policies and proposals approved by the Scottish Ministers

The Local Development Plan sets out detailed policies and proposals to guide development. You should use the Local Development Plan when you want to make a planning application or comment on a planning application. The Local Development Plan must be line with the Strategic Development Plan. Local Development Plans are:

  • Obviously more local and cover a smaller area than the Strategic Development Plan
  • Detailed and site specific
  • Reviewed every 5 years
  • Adopted by us as planning authority

What other policies, information or studies are available to support the development plan?

There are a number of policies and studies which support the delivery of the development plan and more information on these are shown below:

  • Background information and studies; these include the Housing Land Audit, Employment Land Audit and Retail Studies.
  • Infrastructure Reports provide information on the infrastructure of the main settlements within the Council area.
  • The Tay Estuary Forum have recently launched a five- year Management Plan: a non-statutory document aimed at promoting the future sustainable management in the Tay Estuary and along the adjacent coastline. The Management Plan aims to unite the many initiatives operating along this diverse stretch of coast into a sustainable framework, ensuring future vitality of the region.  You can view the management plan and find out about the annual conference on the Tay Estuary Forum website.

*Please note that the website is under development following adoption of the new Local Development Plan and that some links to previous webpages may be broken. Please get in touch with a member of the team if there is specific information that you are looking for in relation to the Development Plan.*