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The Big Place Conversation

Shaping the Future of Your Place

The Big Place Conversation - What & why?

This is a conversation that took place throughout Perth & Kinross communities in 2023 to find out what you love about your place, and what could be improved. You told us about things traffic in your area, what the buses are like, what kind of homes are needed and what places and spaces you had for recreation and socialising.

The main purpose of these conversations is to shape the next Local Development Plan which will run until 2037. The conversations will also inform the Mobility Strategy, which will set out a vision for managing and developing the transport network across all modes of transport; and the conversations will also help communities develop Community Action Plans and Local Place Plans.

The Big Place Conversation - How?

We worked with a range of community organisations to arrange conversations to meet the needs of each community. These included public events, drop in sessions and bespoke conversations with groups with special interests. The main engagement has finished but if you belong to or work with a group that you think has a unique point of view and have not had a chance to input then please get in touch via

The Big Place Conversation - What's next?

We are currently collating all the information into reports which will be available to the public on this website by the end of 2023 and distributed to community councils. Event reports are available now to community bodies looking to develop a Community Action Plan or Local Place Plan. Information will also be provided to different areas of responsibility within the Council to inform their own strategies. This evidence will help us shape the direction of the next Local Development Plan and we will continue to engage with communities through that process. See the Development Plan Scheme for more information on the scope and timelines.

The Big Place Conversation - Want to keep in touch?

Please email the team at if you would like to be kept updated about the Big Place Conversation results and the next steps of the Local Development Plan. If you decide at any time you don't want to receive email updates, please email with "unsubscribe" in the subject header. Your email address will not be shared more widely either within the Council or externally, unless we are required to do so by law. You can also get in touch through the Council's Customer Services Centre (T: 01738 475000).

Last modified on 09 November 2023

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