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The Big Place Conversation

Shaping the Future of Your Place

The Big Place Conversation - What & why?

The Big Place Conversation has begun! This is a conversation happening in Perth & Kinross communities throughout 2023 to find out what you love about your place, and what could be improved. We'll be talking about things like :

  • Are you able to get where you want without using a car?
  • Do the houses in your area meet people's needs?
  • Can you get to good quality parks and nature?
  • Are there the shops and services that you need in your place?

Be part of the conversation! People that work or live in a place know it best so are the best judge of what is good and what could be better. This is the chance to tell us what you think and this will help make decisions about how land is used in the future.

The main purpose of these conversations is to shape the next Local Development Plan which will run until 2037. The conversations will also inform the Mobility Strategy, which will set out a vision for managing and developing the transport network across all modes of transport; and the conversations will also help communities develop Community Action Plans.

The Big Place Conversation - How?

We are working with community organisations to arrange conversations to meet the needs of each community.

There are lots of ways to join in the conversation:

  • Join in a public event in person, one of our drop ins or online to talk with other people in your place.
  • Fill out the following survey yourself or get together with some friends, colleagues, clubmates to complete it as a group.

Online Place Conversation survey

  • We will also be holding conversations with groups that have specific needs or interests such as young people, disabled people or  climate cafes.
  • We will support groups or community bodies who want to carry out their own place conversation.

If you represent a community group or group with a special interest, please get in touch via

The Big Place Conversation - Where & When?

Events will take place across Perth and Kinross in line with the timeframe below:

LocalityTimeline - 2023
Perth CityJanuary - March
Eastern PerthshireMarch - May
Strathearn & StrathallanApril - June
Kinross-shire, Almond & EarnMay - June 
Highland & StrathtayJune - August

The Big Place Conversation - want to keep in touch?

Please email the team at if you would like to find out more or be kept updated as the Big Place Conversation progresses. If you decide at any time you don't want to receive email updates, please email with "unsubscribe" in the subject header. Your email address will not be shared more widely either within the Council or externally, unless we are required to do so by law. You can also get in touch through the Council's Customer Services Centre (T: 01738 475000).

Last modified on 03 May 2023

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